Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moab...or bust!

We had a blast for my 25th birthday! Jason took me with some of his buddies to Moab. Here they are, the three musketeers: Ryan, Jason, and Travis.

Travis just finished doing some major changes on his truck to be more capable of climbing the rocks out in the middle of no where. He was very excited about showing off his new additions.
Jason was having almost more fun than I was! It was a little chilly outside for most of the trip, but very sunny. In fact, I got burnt to crisp, even after using sun screen!

The scenery was amazing! I was pretty impressed with our little camera too because most of these shots are on the go.

We got a chance to stop every few hours and just chill. That's always nice to do especially when you have the opportunity to get away from work!
On our first run of our entire trip, we we climbing these rocks, and CRACK! There went the drive shaft. It got ripped up on an unconsequential rock. Travis was not happy. We got back to the hotel and they fixed it quickly, so we got back to playing!

While they were figuring out what to do with the truck after the drive shaft was mangled, I was bored. Rocks make great artistry tools on other rocks. So I documented our disaster. :)

On our second day, we met up with some of Travis' friends. We had a range from Travis' four runner, to a Suzuki Samarai, and then this beast:Trucks and their axles shouldn't bend like that!

But we had a blast. Happy Birthday to me! Just remember, when life gets you down,


Debbie said...

Thank you! I feel better now! Looks like it was a fun trip minus the breakdowns. Glad you got to do something fun for your birthday, too. Happy Birthday !!!

Daisy said...

Brianne! You are 25? Holy Cow!

Looks like a fun trip, glad your Man showed you a good time! Love you, Daisy

Caranna said...

Hey you're as old as me now! :P

I love your documentation! You're so talented!! :)

Love you Breeze, glad you had a fun get-away!