Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moab...or bust!

We had a blast for my 25th birthday! Jason took me with some of his buddies to Moab. Here they are, the three musketeers: Ryan, Jason, and Travis.

Travis just finished doing some major changes on his truck to be more capable of climbing the rocks out in the middle of no where. He was very excited about showing off his new additions.
Jason was having almost more fun than I was! It was a little chilly outside for most of the trip, but very sunny. In fact, I got burnt to crisp, even after using sun screen!

The scenery was amazing! I was pretty impressed with our little camera too because most of these shots are on the go.

We got a chance to stop every few hours and just chill. That's always nice to do especially when you have the opportunity to get away from work!
On our first run of our entire trip, we we climbing these rocks, and CRACK! There went the drive shaft. It got ripped up on an unconsequential rock. Travis was not happy. We got back to the hotel and they fixed it quickly, so we got back to playing!

While they were figuring out what to do with the truck after the drive shaft was mangled, I was bored. Rocks make great artistry tools on other rocks. So I documented our disaster. :)

On our second day, we met up with some of Travis' friends. We had a range from Travis' four runner, to a Suzuki Samarai, and then this beast:Trucks and their axles shouldn't bend like that!

But we had a blast. Happy Birthday to me! Just remember, when life gets you down,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dan!

Who needs Thanksgiving when you can celebrate Dan!? We decided to forgo the traditional festivities to throw a party for one of our favorite brothers-in-law! We was so happy to have a surprise party and he deserves it! He's been working so hard this year, and what's better to do on a weekend than party? We made all of is favorites: Ham, cheesy potatoes (that his mom used to make) and Cheesecake for dessert!

Congratulations Dan! Here's to another great year!

I can't believe I forgot Thanksgiving!

I can't believe that I skipped over Thanksgiving! Here's some of the Leikis' enjoying the smell of the tasty goodness awaiting us and taking snapshots while they're at it!

What a wonderful feast! It is such a blessing to all be in the same valley and be able to enjoy each other's company! I certainly am thankful for family relationships, and the time to celebrate.

Kids, Kittens and their toys...Celebrating New Years!

Enough said.

The 3rd Christmas is the Charm!

Since the weather to Sugar City was uncooperative (see previous post), and Greg and Stacy couldn't make it to the Baird weekend, we got together in Logan with Dad and Sheila. We had dinner (I still profess that it was soo good! Stacy rocked it with ham, potatoes and pasta salad) and opened gifts. Three Christmas' were fine, but I'm done. Although, 2 weeks later, the tree is still decorating our front room. We like the soft, constant glow (and are too lazy to take it down!)
Merry Christmas everyone! We love you all!

Fun with the Bairds...and Pie!

Let there be pie, and there was...and it was good. These are all of the pictures I took during our time with the Bairds for Christmas, but what a beautiful site! We had a wonderful turkey dinner (Heather did a great job, it was delicious!) then topped it with yummy pie. Of course, when I was asked what type we would like, the obvious answer was: Pumkin.

A fun tradition is that Jason's Mom makes two pumpkin pies every year for Thanksgiving; one for the family and one for Jason, plus her homemade whipped cream, is his favorite! Here is Abby enjoying the cream more than the pie!
And Elizabeth is apparently (although sufficiently cooled) burning her tongue with the wonderful pie. Actually, I think she was laughing and of course, I have amazing photographic timing. What fun! We also did presents and got to see the progress on Momma D's house. We also got to visit with Spencer, Graham, Katrina and their baby. I'm so glad we get to be near some cousins, having not the luxury as kids. Thanks guys! It was a blast!